2020 – 2021 Salary Rates for House Staff

  • PGY1 – $60,000
  • PGY2 – $65,000
  • PGY3 – $70,000

Resident salary is payable in arrears of biweekly installment by check.

Paid Vacation

Residents will receive twenty (20) paid vacation days per year. Vacation days are to be taken in two (2) blocks of ten (10) days each.

Paid Holidays

Seven (7) observed holidays will be paid.

Medical / Dental / Optical / Life Insurance

Health insurance, dental and vision benefits (with employee contributions) are effective on the first day of residency. Benefit plan options will be provided by Human Resources. The cost of copayments will be dependent upon the plan selected by the House Staff member. The option for House Staff member to purchase health insurance coverage (at full cost) effective one week before the first day of residency is also available. Life insurance is provided at one-and-a-half times the annual salary to a maximum of $125,000.

Prescription Coverage (Express Scripts)

Prescription medication coverage is provided. The co-payments for generic medications are $10.00. There is a $10.00 co-payment for non-generic drugs plus the difference between the generic and non-generic costs. There is a 20% of cost if there is no FDA equivalent. There is a mandatory mail order for maintenance medications.

Professional Liability Insurance

Coverage is provided for all actions occurring during the residency program under Long Island Community Hospital ($2,000,000 per claim, and $10,000,000 annual aggregate). Moonlighting outside the institution is not covered.

Disability Insurance

Coverage is provided by short-term disability insurance, in compliance with New York State Law.

Family Medical Leave and Paid Family Leave

House Staff who have been employed for one (1) year and have worked 1250 hours during the year preceding medical leave may qualify for up to twelve (12) weeks of paid/unpaid FMLA leave in the case of a resident’s serious health condition, birth or adoption of a child, or caring for a seriously ill child, spouse, or parent(s). Information on the effect of leave on satisfactory completion of your program is described in the House Staff Manual.

House Staff may qualify for NYS Paid Family Leave (PFL) to: 1) care for a seriously ill child, spouse, parent, parent-in-law, grandparent, grandchild, or domestic partner; 2) bond with a new child following birth, adoption or placement in foster care; or 3) attend to a qualifying exigency arising out of the fact that the employee’s spouse, domestic partner, child or parent is on or has been called to military active duty. Contact the Human Resources Department for specifics on the NYS Paid Family Leave program. Information on the effect of leave on satisfactory completion of your program is described in the House Staff Manual.

Worker’s Compensation

House Staff are covered by Worker’s Compensation Insurance for incidents that occur on the job, in compliance with New York State Law. All work related injuries/exposures should be reported to your supervisor immediately


Confidential Counseling Services can be provided to residents via the GME office, Human Resources, and/or Employee Health Services as needed.

Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

No cost confidential services provided by National EAP to employees and their immediate household family members. Some services include confidential consultation & referrals (stress management, legal, financial, alcohol and substance abuse, physical and mental illness, grief and loss, crisis management).

Jury Duty

House Staff can use up to ten (10) working days. Documentation of jury service must be provided. Benefits are not affected by serving on jury duty. Jury duty leave counts as time away from the program. Information on the effects of leave on satisfactory completion of your program is described in the House Staff Manual.

Bereavement Leave

Residents can use up to three (3) consecutive scheduled workdays off, with pay, for the death of a member of his/her immediate family. Immediate family is defined as: father, mother, brother, sister, spouse, child, parent-in-law (of a current marriage), grandparent, grandchild, step-parent and step-child. Same-sex committed partners are eligible for bereavement leave for the death of a member of his/her immediate family. Same sex committed partners are defined as those who are financially and emotionally interdependent in a manner commonly presumed of spouses.

Supplemental Insurance

House Staff is able to purchase additional Life Insurance, Disability Insurance, Critical Illness Insurance, Pet Insurance or ID Theft Insurance for either themselves or family members. Premiums are withheld through payroll deductions.


Uniforms (lab coats/scrubs) with laundry service will be supplied by the Medical Center.

Parking Space

Ample parking is available free of charge in the Medical Center parking lot.

Meal Allowance

Free meals provided in the Hospital’s Employee Cafeteria for breakfast and lunch between the hours of 6:30am –4:00pm Monday through Friday. Night Float residents also have food provided.

On Call Room

There are two on-call rooms available on the second floor of the Hospital for Residents, allowing for rest while not immediately needed on the floor.

Medical Library

The medical library is open on weekdays and is also available for use after hours and on weekends. Electronic Resources will be continuously available on site and remotely; these include medical journals via the NYIT College of Medicine as well as local subscriptions such as the New England Journal of Medicine and Up to Date.

Educational Resources

This includes access to VisualDx, Dynamed, and American College of Physicians’ resources such as Annals of Internal Medicine.

Educational Funding

The program will fund BLS/ACLS certification/re-certification and ACP annual membership dues. Residents will be provided MKSAP 17 as well, once per total training period.

Book Allowance

A stipend of $750 is provided annually.

Conference Attendance

Support for attendance at national/regional conferences when presenting posters or papers as first author.

Reimbursement for ABIM Certification Exam/Board Review

A reimbursement totaling $1,500 is provided for the ABIM Certification Exam/Board Review.

Medical License Reimbursement

The House Staff is reimbursed up to the New York State maximum fee of $735.

Other Benefits

  • New York’s 529 College Savings Program Direct Plan
  • Flexible Spending Accounts for Health Care and Dependent Care Account
  • Banking – Payroll deductions allow employee the opportunity to maintain three different accounts with 3 different banks (i.e., savings, checking, holiday, vacation, IRA.
  • Discount Tickets (Plum Benefits)
  • Defensive Driving Classes
  • Business Cards
  • Pagers

All policies or benefits not described or listed as other benefits in this agreement are subject to change at the discretion of the Hospital.