Our interview season begins late October and typically is complete by the end of January.

During orientation, each resident will receive a copy of the MKSAP program for use
throughout the 3 years of training. In addition, resident will have faculty-led weekly board
review sessions that focus on reviewing knowledge critical to the ABIM examination.
Additionally, residents will be provided access to Challenger, a software program designed
to enhance medical knowledge and prepare for the ABIM examination.

10 Resident positions are available for the PGY-1 year. The total resident complement is 30.

No. All positions are categorical.

Our residency program utilizes a “4+1” rotation format, which allows our house staff to
minimize conflicts between inpatient and ambulatory rotations and focus on the setting in
which they are rotating.
During the ambulatory week, residents have 5 half-day continuity sessions. In addition,
they have one half-day session in an Internal Medicine subspecialty of their choice and an
additional half-day in a non-IM subspecialty experience (Ophthalmology, Office
Orthopedics, Gynecology, Otolaryngology, etc.).
These non-continuity sessions will change every six months, allowing residents to
experience a breadth of outpatient subspecialty practice that they feel will complement will
their primary care continuity experience. During ambulatory weeks, residents are given
time to complete online modules and administrative tasks related to their primary care
panel. In addition, they have protected time to engage in quality improvement activities.
These QI activities are overseen by our faculty and coordinate with institutional and
practice goals.

We offer observerships to accepted residency candidates. We also offer a program for selected medical students through VSAS.

We require 3 LOR’s; however you may submit a maximum of four LORs through ERAS.  We
prefer to receive all letters of recommendation solely through ERAS.  Please do not send us
additional documentation by email for your application.

Yes – Step 1 and Step 2 CK exam information is required. We also accept COMLEX examination scores.

10 PGY-1 positions are offered each year.

You must be eligible for an ECFMG Certificate in order to apply. We require that you
submit your ECGMG certificate through ERAS BEFORE March 1st. We are required to
have an ECFMG certificate on file for every IM intern in our training program.

Currently we are not participating in the match.

No, we currently are not able to offer positions to candidates who require visa sponsorship.